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The loan process

When you haven’t gone through it before, the loan process can start to feel overwhelming at points. Be sure to ask questions—even now. There’s an orderly nature to things, and your loan officer knows how to help you every step of the way.

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Contact Information
Sonya Wyland
NMLS #632029
Direct: (925) 639-1444
Cell: (503) 372-0164
Fax: (925) 906-9190
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Sonya Wyland, NMLS #632029
Umpqua Bank
1333 N. California Blvd, Suite SL-30, Walnut Creek, CA  94596
Direct:  (925) 639-1444
Cell:  (503) 372-0164
Fax:  (925) 906-9190
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